Schneider Expeditie BV.
't Hoogvelt 12, Asten
Trefwoorden: Warehousing, Logistiek, Transport, Zee-en, Luchtvracht
Rubrieken: Zeevrachtexpediteurs, Expeditiebedrijven, Transport

Our philosophy emphasises the personal element.

The best results are achieved in partnership. Hence we intentionally cultivate relationships with our contacts, whether they be customers, colleagues or external service providers. Even when your consignment changes hands part way to its destination, the Schneider level of quality continues seamlessly. Our competence and continuity, our innovative power and flexibility in the market place are your advantage.

The Schneider Group…

  • is an internationally-active medium-sized freight forwarder.
  • values its entrepreneurial independence.
  • is one of the leading players in its markets.
  • is active in clearly defined markets with clearly defined products.
  • invests in new products in order to ensure long-term success.
  • sees itself as a generalist for small and medium-sized enterprises and as a specialist for large groups.
  • offers its customers high-quality services.
  • is growing steadily under its own steam.
  • is working tirelessly on quality improvement and company development.
  • has a well-educated, motivated workforce.
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